Lichfield Christian Church

We are a small gathering of people who are walking down the road of following Jesus together.  We are fellow strugglers and fellow learners on this Spiritual journey. Jesus' example has taught us to love God, love one another, and love our neighbour.  That's what we are trying to do with Jesus' help. We hope you can join us at one of our Connect Groups where you can connect with God as we look into how the Bible relates to our everyday life.  The groups usually meet in homes and are friendly, relaxed and informative.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

Where to Find Lichfield Christian Church

Instead of the traditional Sunday church service, we gather together in small groups during the week called Connect Groups.  Connect Groups usually meet in a home and are designed to help you connect with God and others using the guidance of the Holy Scriptures.  We also have a youth group which meets at Darwin Hall on Fridays (map). Please join us for one of our weekly groups.  For more information about when and where these meetings take place please contact us.

Sunday Connect Group

The Sunday Connect Group runs mostly every Sunday and is a group where you can connect with God and others. We do this by examining the truth of the Christian Scriptures, worshipping together, and encouraging one another. We share faith, offer prayer and gather hope.

Life Explored

Life Explored is an informal and relaxed seven-week course.  It's for anyone who wants to explore the themes of contentment and happiness in life.  It's run by ordinary Christian people local to you and is completely free.  You don't need to know anything about the Bible, and you won't be asked to pray or sing.  You can ask any question you like, or you can just sit and listen.  


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